The clear channel is the biggest radio station with 850 radios and TV station in the United state of America. The Company advertises and podcasting a new signal to their listeners across the United stated the owner of the company changed its name from clear channel to iHeartMedia; this is because the company faces competition from other local station that uses new technology to transmit their service to their customer. These technologies are like streaming music and video trough online and satellite radio.

The change of the name will make the company to win more customers from the local station and also gain more recognition and popularity across the nation. The change of the name iHeartmedia gives the firm an opportunity to receive more job of advertisement and other business opportunities that will enable the company to earn more capital.

After the change, their names to iHeart the company revenue increase this help to the company to settle their debt and loses have experienced since leveraged takeover. Other business and entertainment earn popularity and fame this gives the company enough money to settle their debt and to restructure the company

The company has also gained a lot of profit from a small organization that uses they brand to market and advertise them services. This mall organization also makes collaboration with the clear channel in marketing and advertisement, so the iHeartmedia also gain popularity and earn revenue from advertising and marketing.

The chance and branding of the institution name make it the biggest Radio podcasting all over the world with the highest number of station. The branding gives the opportunity to host big entertainment and advertisement that small organization doesn’t have. Clear Channel has worn

The company also face a lot of challenges even after branding and changing the name this is because of loss and debt that the firm has before the change of the company name. So the revenue and the profit they gain from the advertisement and other business of clear channel are used to refund the loan they had borrowed to run the institution.

Due to advancement in the field of technology in the world the company had no other option rather than to use new technology in order to increase the number of customers from other local stations working together in the same field.iHeartmedia also has a great advantage over the local organization this is because it as may branches of about 850.these give to be the leading broadcasting station with many stations all over the United state of America.

The Chef executive officer of iHearmedia station come up with the idea of changing the name of the organization because they have experienced a great loss of millions of money from the institution and other bossiness’  that was also run by the clear channel. After the change of the company name some customers increase this is because the company delivers the relevant message and entertainment that as content that favors every individual. The customers appreciate the services offered by iHeartmedia because they receive a message at the time.

The iHeart company has about 21million listeners across the United state this is because the company uses many devices to make sure that they have spread their music, advertisement to reached many individual and also preaching good message across the United state of America

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