Top 5 Weird Music Videos That Became Viral

Sometimes it’s hard to explain why certain videos become viral. It simply happens that people get hooked on things without any specific reason and it becomes a global hit within days. However, with these 5 music videos, the reasons are far more obvious. They are just so weird it was impossible for them not to … Read moreTop 5 Weird Music Videos That Became Viral

6 Songs You Definitely Heard But, Probably Don’t Know The Name

You may not be aware of it, but there are some songs you’ve heard so many times before, but we bet you have absolutely no idea what they’re named or who wrote them. To help you out and allow you to expand your music knowledge, we’ve put together a list of 6 songs you’ve definitely … Read more6 Songs You Definitely Heard But, Probably Don’t Know The Name

Classical Concert Report

On 15 November 2018 at 7:30 pm, I attended a classical music concert, a life performance performed by an impressive and talented Dover Quartet at Jorgensen Center for Performing Arts. The concert attracted thousands of students and other viewers. The building looked normally peaceful but contained a magnitude of thousands of audience who, just like … Read moreClassical Concert Report

Branding and Changing the Radio Company Name

The clear channel is the biggest radio station with 850 radios and TV station in the United state of America. The Company advertises and podcasting a new signal to their listeners across the United stated the owner of the company changed its name from clear channel to iHeartMedia; this is because the company faces competition … Read moreBranding and Changing the Radio Company Name

Correlations Between Music and Intelligence

The correlation between music and intelligence has been a subject among scholars in the recent past. Even though intelligence is affected by other factors like genetics and environment, music has been found to have an influence on people’s intelligence. As a result it is not a surprise that musicians are thought to be intelligent people. … Read moreCorrelations Between Music and Intelligence