Music is the best medicine for the soul. I know you’re thinking, ‘laughter you mean?’ Try laughing after you have been fired or something, and then try music; then you’ll get what I’m saying. is all about the latest music, artists’ gossip, and music recommendation as well.

No hit song will pass you by if you become a frequent visitor of this blog. We love music, fast or slow, hard or soft, audio tracks or instrumentals. It comes in different genres, and you won’t miss out on any genres here.

There is more to music than meets the eye; we get to share what motivated the artist to come up with the song and so much more. Be on the lookout.


If had an office, I’m sure we’d be closed down by now for the countless noise reports. Our team loves music. Sometimes we over watch some series episodes, and we feel like we know the characters.

Well, that is the same feeling our team has for all artists. We listen to music and give appropriate recommendations. Many are the times our moods vary, and we don’t know exactly what we want to listen to.

With upcoming artists as part of our crew, we give you the best music selections according to the mood as well. Did I mention that we have DJs in our team? Watch out for great music suggestions from our team and free music link downloads from our site.


If someone ever asked you what you would be if not a living thing, I don’t know what you’d answer.  But something like a woofer, or speakers; would definitely be the author’s answer.

The author has been a producer and director of many songs for years, and his love for music cannot be questioned. His heart pumps music beats, and his vast knowledge in music genres, and skills in playing a few instruments here and there couldn’t make him any better fit for writing music blogs.

He has been a recording artist, and he shares what inspired him to write some of his songs. It’s about to get musical.