The correlation between music and intelligence has been a subject among scholars in the recent past. Even though intelligence is affected by other factors like genetics and environment, music has been found to have an influence on people’s intelligence. As a result it is not a surprise that musicians are thought to be intelligent people. The cause and effect relationship between the two is thought to be two way.

Scholars have noted a correlation between scores of standardized tests and involvement in music. It is as such surprising that parents dissuade their kids from pursuing music as it is seen as distraction to studies. Schellenberg (2005) found that there exists a relationship between student scores and the kind of music they listened to. Music influences one’s ability to remember events. Soft music is thought to help improve memory retention abilities whereas hard music is thought to have a negative impact.

The ability of music to sooth and relax one’s mind supports the correlation of music and intelligence. Relaxation is an intelligence boost that can be influenced directly by the choice of music. A number of great thinkers have confessed to have made their great decision while listening to their best music. Music is a great influence in the brain the influences include, music lovers are able to multitask, decision making, and problem solving that is, musician brains are more active than non-musician brains. Therefore musical students can solve logical problems faster. (Schellenberg, 2005)

Research has shown that there exists a correlation between music and intelligence. The impact of music on functioning of music can be utilized to improve intelligence especially for young kids.  The ability to make wise decisions, improve brain performance and promote social understanding are the advantages of listening to good music (Gaser & Schlaug, 2003). Musical brains function faster than non-musical brains.

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