Websites Online

There are tons of sites on the web which are exclusively about music. Websites like Pitchfork have a considerable following and are websites that have a lot of content and coverage regarding various genres. Some of these genres include pop, metal, hip-hop, indie rock, and experimental music.

Pitchfork is also a source of news regarding all things music. This site comes across as a leading authority in the music scene. Visiting Pitchfork and other similar websites can help to keep you apprised going with the trends.



“How Music Works” is a book authored by David Bryne looks at some of the pertinent issues connected to music, which include the influence of music, and how people interact with music. There are some books, however, that deal with specific genres of music. Books like “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” by Jeff Chang explores the hip-hop scene exclusively. Whether the book is all-encompassing or specific, they are important resources when it comes to the music theme.


Following Trends Online

Things in the music scene change quickly and revolve rapidly. It is important to appreciate that technology today has had a tremendous impact on music. The interconnectedness between music and tech is responsible for the fast-moving nature of the music scene. Therefore, keeping up with trends on the web and social media comes along as an excellent way of keeping yourself apprised.

Following trends online also means keeping up with the news. Being apprised helps you to synthesize and understand developments in the music scene, and even help you to develop a clearer understanding of how the music world moves.