Sometimes it’s hard to explain why certain videos become viral. It simply happens that people get hooked on things without any specific reason and it becomes a global hit within days. However, with these 5 music videos, the reasons are far more obvious.

They are just so weird it was impossible for them not to become a huge viral hit. Here are the top 5 weird music videos that became a viral hit.

1.     Ylvis- The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)

First of all, what does the fox say?

And second of all, can a music video be any weirder?

What Does the Fox Say is a music video published in 2013 and currently has more than 850 million views on YouTube.

In a nutshell, it’s a song about the sounds different animals make. We know a cat goes “meow” but we have no idea what sound a fox makes!

In addition to the weird lyrics and a chorus composed of strange squeaky sounds, the video showcases funny, eccentric costumes and dance moves we’ve never seen before.

With all the weird elements blended together, it’s no wonder the song went viral in no time.

2.     PSY- Gangnam Style

The king of weird music videos, and a viral sensation from 2012, Gangnam Style definitely deserves a spot on this list.

Regardless of the fact the lyrics are in Korean and most people still have no idea what the song is about, the electrifying rhythm and the super-freaky scenes got this video more than 3 billion views on YouTube.

The weirdness level is off the charts and Psy became a globally recognized face overnight thanks to this music video.

If you’ve been living under a rock, and still haven’t seen it, go check it out immediately.

3.     Little Big- SKIBIDI

Another super-weird music video that became a hit quickly is called “SKIBIDI”, after the main phrase from the lyrics.

The entire video is composed of people dancing in a weird jumpy manner, with a creepy grin on their faces. Only the main male character has a straight face.

The weirdness starts from the first second of the video when a rooster with human mouth kicks it off and it never goes away.

It got this music video more than 230 million views.

4.     Childish Gambino – This Is America

The weirdness of this music video comes is a bit different than the aforementioned.

Instead of the funny and bizarre elements, “This is America” is filled with scenes rich in symbolism and metaphors.

It’s a song about race, discrimination and gun violence in America.

The singer starts off by executing a man on a chair and goes on to gun down an entire choir.

Violence is constantly portrayed in the background while he dances seemingly entertained.

It’s a viral video worth watching.

5.     Ariana Grande- God is a Woman

Finally, Ariana Grande’s single “God is a Woman” definitely deserves the spot on this list.

The video portrays Grande in different religious-like settings, with her being the center of each scene.

There’s a lot of references to mythology and religious stories going on, so you have to pay close attention to catch them all.

It’s a video that definitely justified going viral and reaching more than 200 million views.


The weird videos from this top 5 list are something we did not see coming, and that’s why they went viral. In addition, those are the videos we never get bored watching and could watch them over and over again. That’s not all we have on music so read those essays on music for more interesting facts.

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