John Stix listens as top players discuss their influences.

This was Mick Abrahams on one of his better days. It’s quite good. I remember the old Cream one, “Cat Squirrel.” I love Mick Abrahams. When he left Jethro (Tull) I took over. I thought Mick was quite good, but I think most of the time he wouldn’t want to travel. Mick got fired and we were on the same show. Ian asked me if I wanted the job. We didn’t actually do a show.


Tony Iommi discusses Cat’s Squirrel by Jethro Tull from the album This Was

I rehearsed with them for a few weeks then we done The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus. This was pretty well worked out and Ian was in charge. But I did a lot of jamming in them days. In the 60s we were doing a lot of 12 bar jazz/blues like “Cat Squirrel”. We used .

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to play a lot because he hadn’t enough words to the songs. Out of those jams most of our stuff was written in the early days. Half our set was a jam because when we played Europe we had to do seven % of an hour spots. By the time we played all of our numbers we had done one % of an hour spot and we had another six to go. So we’d end up jamming. We used to jam off “Wicked World” and go into a- drum solo.

TONY IOMMI (Black Sabbath)

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